Another interesting night in New York City, at the ‘Queen of the Night’ exhibit.

This feels appropriate for this never-ending winter weather!

To celebrate Women’s Day, I chose an art work: ‘Rapture Series, 1999’ by one of my favorite artist, Shirin Neshat. This image is so powerful, beautiful and inspiring!

My interview with Deepak Chopra

It doesn’t happen everyday that you get to talk to a spiritual guru renowned Deepak Chopra and exchange some ideas. I feel very grateful to be able to share my story with him. It was such a pleasure.

You can see the interview on YouTube:

X Frederique


My inspiration

My inspiration for Frederique’s Choice comes from everywhere. Nature, a charming flower shop in New York (see picture), a citytrip in Europe.. 

Last week, this cool shop in Nolita NYC catched my eye. One of my favorite candles at the moment is lavendar or figue, what’s yours? I love the glass domes over them too!

We will launch exquisite new bouquets in a few weeks. I can’t wait to show it to you!


Holidays in the Netherlands

My daughter and I love to spend the Holidays in the Netherlands. We celebrated Christmas with family in the Dutch countryside and had so much fun in Amsterdam!

We visited the Rijksmuseum and took a boot trip through the canals, the illuminated bridges are so magical.. On New Year’s Eve we watched the amazing fireworks at the Amstel.

We’re back in NYC and it’s freezing.. I have never felt anything like this before in New York :).


P.S. Do you recognize the old-fashioned candle holder in the picture? ;)


Christmas in New York City

Christmas in New York City is truly amazing, so magical! Still after all those years of being in NY I love to see what they do for Christmas. And really, I don’t care when people say its commercial. Its brilliant how they do it each year!  

It’s so festive with all the lighting and themes. This year for example Bergdorf Goodman did a theme with Holidays on Ice where people came down the building.

Saks is doing a 3D lighting show on their building thats just mind blowing. You can watch the lighting show on YouTube:  

But even if you go out of the city people go crazy with their lighting. You got to love the positive vibe!  

Happy holidays!


Scent and the City

Fragrant herbs and flowers are already becoming common in healing gardens — for example, the jasmine bushes planted outside the windows of the Laguna Honda hospital and rehabilitation center in San Francisco. The aroma of basil, thyme, mint, lilac and lavender can be extraordinarily beneficial, relieving stress, headaches and inflammation and improving sleep, digestion and blood circulation.

While New York isn’t exactly known for its pleasant odors, the High Line elevated park is covered with over 300 species of plants, many of which have distinctly pleasing scents. At a certain time of year, the brilliant purple asters known as Raydon’s Favorite fill the air with a minty perfume — nature’s air freshener.

Great HBO documentary about the snow boarder Kevin Pearce-painful and beautiful. A story about acceptance and close friends and family.

Onze helden zijn terug!

love the Dutch :) - great promotion of ING bank for the opening of the Rijksmuseum