PUP Magazine Shoot

A big smile can do wonders! 

x Frederique

Living #LifeInFullBloom

Give someone a hug today! ;)

#LifeInFullBloom Challenge: Update!

My #LifeInFullBloom #30DaysOfConsciousLiving challenge has been such a rewarding experience so far! I am halfway through it and so far have found myself feeling fantastic and making a difference!

Some of my favorite challenges so far have been to ‘taste something new’, for this I tried an incredible peanut butter, banana, jam and granola tartine!

Another of my favorite challenges has been to meditate for 30 minutes. Although I only managed to be able to work in 10 minutes of my day. I can truly say that it made a difference, I felt better and clearer; and I will definitely make an effort to meditate often. Here is a fantastic TED talk that I think will help us understand why meditation is so important!

#LifeInFullBloom: #30DaysOfConsciousLiving Challenge

"I’ve always been proactive in my efforts to be green and live a sustainable lifestyle. (I guess it’s engrained in me being from Holland and having a frugal upbringing, ha!). Besides having a ‘green-tinted thumb’ which I use to plant everything from flowers to plants to trees; I also do my best at home to recycle and separate plastics, glass and papers.

In honor of today, June 5th being World Environment Day, I’ve decided to kick it up a notch and really make conscious decisions every day to practice green and happier living and hopefully achieve an overall better me. 

To do this I’ve designed a challenge; The#LifeInFullBloom#30DaysOfConsciousLivingChallenge. Starting today, 
June 5th, I will stop using plastic bags for the next 30 days; and each day after I have created mini challenges for myself. These challenges are really designed to help brighten each day and be inspired.

I’ve shared my calendar with you all, in the hopes that you will try this challenge too! If you decide to live your #LifeInFullBloom, share it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with your stories, pictures, and ideas along with the hashtags #LifeInFullBloom and #30DaysOfConsciousLiving. 

This way we can all share in each other’s journey through making positive decisions, and maybe even start a movement! As the saying goes: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”

Looking forward to the next 30 days! 

Mother’s Day Weekend in Holland

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of spending the day celebrating the beautiful women and mother’s of Holland at the Bijenkorf. Along with my company, Frederique’s Choice, I gave away 100 beautiful bouquets to deserving mothers, daughters and grandmothers. 

It was such an amazing experience to see such an excited and empowered group of women who support each other! I was also so proud to give away the Super Mother Award, the winner pictured left below, will receive a special handmade bouquet from Frederique’s Choice every year on Mother’s Day!

I hope you all had a lovely day celebrating the special women in your lives!

x Frederique

New You Magazine

This week, the newest issue of New You Magazine came out. It featured a fantastic editorial spread that was shot in Miami at the Villa Vizcaya. I loved the beautiful landscapes and scenery there, it made quite a perfect setting! The shoot was styled by the wonderful Kithe Brewster and photographed by Seth Sabal. My hair done by Mark Williamson and Make-up by Edward Cruz. All such a talented group! I feel very fortunate that Andy Stone followed up the imagery with a wonderful story about me and my company Frederique’s Choice! Thank you to all!

x Frederique


Another interesting night in New York City, at the ‘Queen of the Night’ exhibit.

This feels appropriate for this never-ending winter weather!